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    Core philosophy: Human resource is the first resource for enterprise development.

    The philosophy of talent introduction: Pursuing and recognizing HFM culture; excellent in both ability and morality; adapt to the harmonious development of the present and future. 

    The philosophy of talent application: Pursuing the harmonious integration of personal value and enterprise value.

    The philosophy of talent development: Pursuing the harmonious integration of human resources investment and personal growth.

    The philosophy of integration of people and enterprises: Pursuing the perfect integration of talent and enterprise, seeking common development and sharing success.

    A real talent should have morality, integrity, honesty and self dedication. HFM hopes its employees have the characteristics of integrity, honesty, justice, faith and courage.

    The only real resources for enterprise are people. HFM loves talents and has the ability to identify talents, bring in talents and use talents. HFM can provide a great platform for genuine talents.

    Talents who have greater capacity than their leaders, who have sharp characteristics and who are good at innovation are all welcomed by HFM. HFM adheres to the principle that "Morality first, capacity better, and use talents according to his advantages.” and develops a talent training mechanism that “Attracting talents with culture, training talents with career and motivating talents with ideality.”HFM has created a high quality talent team, which accounts for the development of company and is the most valuable treasure for company.

    HFM pays attention to the common development of talents and enterprise, sticking to the philosophy that “Development is for the staff and by the staff.” emphasizing the interests of both enterprise and employees, promoting the cooperation between enterprise and employees, and finally realizes the common development of enterprise and employees, achieving a win-win situation.

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